Payroll PRO - Complete Kit with Pre-Printed Checks

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Small Business Payroll Made Easy

(NOTE: This product will be available again when 2022 tax forms become available)

Paying your employees or contractors is a lot more complicated than most business owners realize. Federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes as well as state mandated withholdings like FLI, SUI, SDI and more have to be included and properly filed.

Payroll PRO allows you to easily generate your payroll and generate the quarterly/yearly IRS forms needed for filing.

This kit includes everything you need to create your own payroll and file with the federal government for up to 20 employees.

  • Payroll PRO software on CD with 12 month subscription (Download instructions included in case you don't have a CD/DVD Drive)
  • 100 Pre-printed MICR printed checks (Check on top)
  • 100 2-window paycheck envelopes
  • 1 Employee W2 tax kit for 2021 (enough for 20 employees)
  • 1 Contractor tax kit for 2021 (enough for 20 1099 workers)

Employee Tax kit includes:

  •  4 W3 red forms
  • 10 W2 red forms
  • 20 4-up perforated W2 paper for your printer
  • 20 Self-seal W2 envelopes

Contractor Tax kit includes:

  •  4  1096 red forms
  • 10 1099-NEC red forms
  • 20 2-up perforated 1099 paper for your printer
  • 20 Self-seal 1099 envelopes.

NOTE: All forms are for the current 2021 tax year (For paychecks you issue between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2021)